Stay Home Stay Safe. Try telemedicine first.

If you think you have symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19),
don’t go straight to the emergency room. Try Telemedicine First!

For a life-threatening medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Find Your Telemedicine Options

Telemedicine is Simple and Convenient

  • Talk to a health professional on your phone, smartphone, tablet or computer – ask questions and get advice, just as you would at a regular in-person appointment
  • Get the expert guidance you need (including, if necessary, how to get tested)
  • Stay home for your safety and the safety of others

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of telemedicine (sometimes referred to as “telehealth”) as a kind of virtual doctor’s appointment, in which you talk to a health professional by using your phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll speak with a certified expert, describe your symptoms, ask questions...just like at a typical in-office appointment.

It may cost you nothing. Many health insurance plans cover telemedicine visits related to COVID-19 in full – which means you would not pay anything out-of-pocket. Please contact your health insurance plan for details; you can visit their website or call the customer service phone number listed on your ID card.

Each service may be slightly different, but typically, at the end of your virtual visit, a health professional will give you advice, offer a diagnosis or refer you for care or testing. If appropriate, they may even call in a prescription at your local pharmacy.

You may be able to access telemedicine services for no cost or low cost. Try searching by hospital or doctor on this site, and then ask the telemedicine service for cost details.

Insurers and Health Care Providers

To add your organization to the telemedicine options above, or to make changes, please contact us.